Joan Jett (source: Leafly)

September 22 is Joan Jett’s birthday.

Joan Jett is a Virgo. Even if the time of birth provided on is inaccurate, the sun didn’t move from Virgo to Libra until the day after her birthday.

I’m fascinated by how many cool women with big voices have Virgo as their sun sign. Shirley Manson, Fiona Apple, Amy Winehouse, Florence Welch — those are just a few that pop into my head. There’s something about the sign that creates these characters that insist upon playing by their own rules. Even the megastars like Beyoncé, Pink and Shania Twain are sort of niche performers who have carved out a market that didn’t really exist until they told everyone it existed.

I don’t believe that it is in the nature of Virgo women to be that “out there.” However, it is in their nature to be calculating and to consider how their image and their talent can merge to become something greater than the sum of its parts.

I suppose that I can call them “conceptual” performers, because what they are selling us has been carefully considered and artfully packaged. Yet there is authenticity to what they do: I don’t believe that artifice is a part of the art that most Virgos create. When it is, we just don’t buy it. I can’t even think of a single Virgo songstress who seems phony to me, and that includes Joan Jett. She is the real deal.

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