Pamela Anderson Joins Donald Trump for Birthday Celebration and Unveil New Bally Slot Machine at Trump Taj Mahal
Pamela Anderson & Donald Trump (source: Huffington Post)

July 1 is Pamela Anderson’s birthday.

I’m not sure what to think of Pamela Anderson. I like her PETA activism. I like her recent makeover that has resulted in a less-whorey look. I like the fact that she doesn’t take herself too seriously as an actress. But I don’t like her weird relationship with American politics (click the link above and you’ll soon understand what I mean).

Anyway, it’s Canada Day today, so I shouldn’t allow myself to be derailed by the Trump shitshow. Instead, let me talk about Pamela Anderson’s horoscope.

It’s horrible! No, really — I’m not kidding. She is about to experience Saturn opposite her natal sun. Then Saturn is going to square her natal Saturn. Mars is stationary just a degree from being in exact opposition with her natal Jupiter. Pluto is hovering at her midheaven. And that’s just what I noticed while taking a cursory glance!

Things look rough for Pamela Anderson at the moment. If I was her, I’d step away from the spotlight and focus on personal development right now. The worst of the current planetary placements will be affecting her from the eighth and ninth houses of her birth chart. The urge to run screaming from the reality she has created for herself might seem like a valid plan at first, but it’s only going to make things worse, especially if she becomes convinced that her “legacy” is her activism. I can see her making a fool of herself if she begins to take herself too seriously during this difficult time in her life. She really needs to lay low for the next few months.

Or maybe she needs to become Canada’s Ambassador to the United States of America. Perhaps she does have a career in international relations in her not-too-distant future. Maybe that’s what I should be taking away from that “poem.” Hmm . . .

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