Jerry Hall (source: The Telegraph)

July 2 is Jerry Hall’s birthday.

When I think of Jerry Hall, a couple of iconic images come to mind. First, there’s this “Vogue” cover from May of 1975 shot by Norman Parkinson. Then there’s the January 1976 “Vogue” cover, also shot by Parkinson, where the model donned a helmet.

I give Cancer women a lot of advice in “Star Struck Style,” but the greatest piece of advice that I give them is to avoid “helmet head.” They tend to wear stiff, unmovable hairstyles that resemble helmets. Some of them even get accused of wearing wigs when they aren’t even wearing wigs because their hair appears as if it could blow off their head in a stiff breeze.

Jerry Hall has avoided that faux pas, but it’s interesting that I still associate her with these two magazine covers. The sun, however, is her only natal planet in Cancer. She has three planets in Leo, although all three are outer planets. I’d really like to know where those planets land in her chart, but I don’t have a time of birth for the model. Something about her says “Leo rising” to me. She has made that mane of hers a style signature since the moment she was discovered.

Otherwise, her chart has a couple of interesting configurations. Mercury and Venus are closely conjunct in Gemini. Her moon is likely in Aries, but there is a chance that she possesses a Taurus moon. What I find the most interesting about her chart is the proximity of so many planets to the cusps, resulting in aspects that include a near-exact Saturn/Pluto square. Yikes!

Yet it’s just another chart without a time of birth. It’s fun to speculate, but it would be even more fun to confirm my suspicions. Call me, Jerry!

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