Ginta Lapina (source: YouTube)

June 30 is Ginta Lapina’s birthday.

If you’ve even walked past a La Senza store in a mall, you’re probably familiar with Ginta Lapina. The Latvian model has been the face (and the body) of the brand for ages.

Sometimes I expect these lingerie models to have certain aspects or planetary placements in their charts. In fact, I’m surprised that there aren’t more bra models with Cancer as their zodiac sign. It is the boob sign, after all.

Nevertheless, Ginta Lapina has an interesting chart. She has Mercury and Jupiter in Gemini, and Venus and Mars in Leo. The planets sort of “bookend” her natal sun. Her moon could be in Taurus or Gemini. I don’t have a birth time for the model.

On the opposite side of her chart, she has Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn — like most kids of her generation. Right about now, Saturn is making major aspects to the Saturn/Neptune conjunction. By the end of the year, her Saturn return will be in full effect. Mars’ current retrograde cycle began with Mars nearly exact in its opposition to her natal Mars.

I wouldn’t be surprised if 2018 is a tough year for the model where big choices concerning the direction of her life come around with increasing frequency. This is the sort of chart I would love to study in real time as the events unfold. Without a time of birth and a personal connection to the model, though, it just isn’t the same.

So, call me, Ginta. We need to talk!

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