Christian Dior show, Spring / Summer 2007 Fashion Show, Haute Couture, Paris, France - 22 Jan 2007
John Galliano (source: Hollywood Reporter)

November 28 is John Galliano’s birthday.

I’ve discussed John Galliano quite extensively in both of my books. I most often associate him with Leo because of his work at Christian Dior, but I also mention his work for Maison Margiela in the Aries chapter of “Star Struck Style,” and his work for his namesake label in the Sagittarius chapter.

I don’t believe that I’ve ever looked up his natal chart. Just a moment ago I did, and I discovered a lot of things that fascinate me.

Galliano has an Aries moon. I can’t place it by degree because I have no birth time for the designer, but it is definitely in Aries. That makes sense to me, and it makes sense that I connect the work he does with the creative spirit of Aries designers Vivienne Westwood and Martin Margiela. I could tell you more, but you really should buy my book. It’s brilliant, if I do say so myself.

The most interesting thing about Galliano’s horoscope, however, is the very close conjunction of Venus and Saturn at 15º Capricorn, the same degree as my sun.

I suppose that explains my connection with the designer. I don’t know if any news in the fashion business has ever affected me more personally than Galliano’s fall from grace in 2011. It was difficult to believe that my idol — my fashion god — wasn’t the divine being I believed he was.

So why I am I turning this into a post about me? Saturn and Venus are the rulers of my sun sign and my ascendant. They are two of the most-personalized planets in my chart. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise to discover that the fashion personality I worship the most possesses an astrological connection to me.

But back to Galliano. Venus conjunct Saturn can have an inhibitive effect on an individual’s creativity. Saturn, however, is at home in Capricorn. It works in a productive fashion, always evolving and creating something of permanence. The fact that I still romanticize John Galliano for Christian Dior makes sense to me now. If I was the only one who felt this way, that would make sense, too. But I’m not. My generation will never forget Galliano’s contributions to the fantasy of fashion because he virtually invented the template for Haute Couture in the modern era.

So, what does the future hold for Mr. Galliano? With Saturn about to move into Capricorn and Pluto already there, the designer could be ready for his second-coming. In the eyes of the world, he has atoned for his sins. Between now and 2020, I can actually see John Galliano taking back his eponymous label. It’s not that what he is doing at Maison Margiela is inferior, but the conceptual nature of the label does impose some restrictions on the way he works. Like any Sagittarius native, he is at his best when he is unbridled and able to run free.

I hope that this happens. I don’t want to live in a world where John Galliano isn’t able to do what he does best.

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