Star Struck Style

Christian Dior show, Spring / Summer 2007 Fashion Show, Haute Couture, Paris, France - 22 Jan 2007John Galliano (source: Hollywood Reporter)

November 28 is John Galliano’s birthday.

I’ve discussed John Galliano quite extensively in both of my books. I most often associate him with Leo because of his work at Christian Dior, but I also mention his work for Maison Margiela in the Aries chapter of “Star Struck Style,” and his work for his namesake label in the Sagittarius chapter.

I don’t believe that I’ve ever looked up his natal chart. Just a moment ago I did, and I discovered a lot of things that fascinate me.

Galliano has an Aries moon. I can’t place it by degree because I have no birth time for the designer, but it is definitely in Aries. That makes sense to me, and it makes sense that I connect the work he does with the creative spirit of Aries designers Vivienne Westwood and Martin Margiela. I could tell you…

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