“Sticky Fingers” (source: Discogs)

Mercury in Sagittarius opposes retrograde Mars in Gemini this afternoon. This alignment only occurs every couple of years.

Be careful with your words during this brief, but profound transit. This is not the time to argue. Take an idealistic stand by walking away from anyone who is attempting to provoke you. You may have taken the high road recently regarding an issue that got your blood boiling. Don’t take a detour back to the low road while these planets are in opposition. Getting dragged into a confrontation you already chose not to have is a distinct possibility today.

On the bright side, this opposition will be over almost as soon as it begins. Mercury will move into a sextile with Saturn shortly afterward, and those of us who have zipped our lips will feel a sense of accomplishment for staying above the fray. We might even be able to step in and do some damage control when all is said and done.

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