Katy Perry (source: Vogue)

October 25 is Katy Perry’s birthday.

Even though I regularly use her as a stellar example of signature Scorpio style, I had never looked up Katy Perry’s birth chart until just a moment ago. What a chart! Every one of her natal planets fits into a 75° wedge.

The bundle chart-type is interesting. Astrotheme (the site where I pull most of these celebrity charts) provides a succinct explanation of the configuration’s influence:

“Although the native’s talents and assets are truly unique, powerful and specialized, in other areas of life, he is likely to be lost, rejected and marginalized. The happy conclusion for the owners of this type of chart is to live their passion without fear because it is the only way for them to achieve harmony and fulfilment. The direct confrontation with other types of experience, which are unsuitable for them, would only result in enduring inhibitions.”

I had no idea that Perry was brought up in a Pentecostal family. I’ve had my own experiences with the Pentecostal church and its members’ contempt toward things that they don’t understand. Inside the church or outside the church, Perry was going to be “marginalized,” one way or the other. I have to applaud her courage for picking a side.

Not too long ago, I watched Katy Perry chatting with RuPaul about being a Scorpio. She certainly is a Scorpio, and if the birth time noted in her chart is accurate, she has an exceptionally powerful conjunction of the sun and Pluto in Scorpio, as well as the moon, Mercury and Saturn in the sign. The moon is right on top of Saturn, too. If that’s not enough, Scorpio is also her rising sign. The sun/Pluto combination sits in her twelfth house, and the other planets mentioned sit in the first, joined by Venus in Sagittarius.

This is the chart of someone with magnetism to spare, but also the chart of someone who constantly questions their perception of reality. Perry’s conversation with RuPaul revealed that she is completely aware of her own tenuous grasp on reality. For that reason, I do believe that the birth time provided is correct.

I guess it’s good that her Pentecostal upbringing kept her away from drugs and booze, because I can see the potential for the wrong sort of escapism in her chart. With Mars and Jupiter in Capricorn, there are some grounding influences, but both sit in the third house — not the strongest placement for either planet, even though Mars is exalted in Capricorn.

At the moment, she’s got both the sun and Jupiter sitting on top of her natal sun/Pluto conjunction. Something big is happening in her life right now, even if she doesn’t know it yet. Maybe it’s me blogging about her; I know how that can change everything.

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