Zac Posen (source: Previously TV)

October 24 is Zac Posen’s birthday.

I discuss Zac Posen in the Cancer chapter of my new book, “Star Struck Style.” The reason I slotted him in with the Cancer designers is that he has such a reverential sense of nostalgia. I would expect a Scorpio designer to actively transform the past. Posen, on the other hand, seems to create an homage to days-gone-by with most of his red-carpet gowns. He’s not in bad company. I discuss Erdem, another Scorpio, in the same chapter.

I had a look at Posen’s chart — something I’ve never done before — and it did explain a few things about the designer. He doesn’t just have a bucket chart: he has the mother of all bucket charts. The moon in Taurus forms the bucket handle. The rest of the planets are within 90º of each other. Unfortunately, with no accurate birth time I cannot place the planets within the houses.

Nevertheless, I found his moon-placement illuminating. I consider Taurus to be the preppy sign, and Posen is currently the Creative Director for Brooks Brothers womenswear. I love Brooks Brothers menswear, especially the kind of ridiculous stuff that Chad Radwell wore on “Scream Queens.” Thom Browne, another designer who mines Americana successfully, preceded Posen at Brooks Brothers. Posen is far more commercial than Thom Browne, so I consider him to be a better fit at the label. But I can see both of these guys being inspired by movies like “Bye Bye Birdie” where the preppy style is showcased at its best. Curiously, I often refer to Ann-Margret as the icon of signature Taurus style.

What I would really like to know is where the moon sits in Zac Posen’s chart. I’m going to ask him on Twitter. Barely anyone ever gets back to me, but that has never stopped me before.

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