New Phototastic Collage
Nancy Grace, Weird Al & Sam Raimi (source: Wikipedia)

I look up the birthdays of celebrities all the time. If I find a couple of stars born on the same day, I usually look up their natal charts to see if I can ascertain their rising sign and house placements, as well. While I don’t always trust the birth times listed on sites like, sometimes it’s all I’ve got.

Today, I noticed that the three individuals in the photo above were all born on the same day: October 23, 1959. Weird Al’s time of birth is listed as 11:00 AM on Being born on the hour is usually a red flag that someone has estimated your time of birth, like a relative who only remembers “It was just before lunchtime.”

Anyway, I can see all three of these individuals believing that they are Scorpios, but unless they were born in the last few minutes of the day, they are Libras. Yet with Mercury, Mars and Neptune in the sign, they all have a heavy dose of Scorpio in their charts. All three definitely have Cancer moons, which in Weird Al’s case indicates a great sense of humor. I have a Cancer moon: I know these things.

The weirdest thing about Weird Al’s chart is that the birth time provided causes Saturn to sit about one degree off his ascendant in the first house. That is a morose aspect and something that would inhibit creativity. I could see it in Nancy Grace’s chart, but not in Weird Al’s.

Nevertheless, they have interesting charts with the moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in their ruling signs, the sun and Venus in fall, and Uranus in detriment. I look at these charts and the first thing I say to myself is “Where do I begin?”

I guess I don’t. It’s tough to tell anyone anything without an accurate birth time. People want accuracy from someone like me, but when they provide me with inaccurate information (or no information at all), my hands are tied. It’s too bad. I’d love to be able to figure these three out.

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