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Agnes Moorehead

December 6 is Agnes Moorehead’s birthday. I don’t know much about Agnes Moorehead, so I visited Wikipedia to learn a little more about her. The thing that I found most interesting about the actress was that she publicly expressed her displeasure with being associated with her character Endora on television’s “Bewitched.” So when I went to look up her chart, […]

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Tyra Banks

December 4 is Tyra Banks’ birthday. Anyone who has read any of my previous blogs already knows that I have a special place in my heart for Tyra Banks. I believe that she is the most-ridiculous person in show business, and that only makes me love her more. Our natal charts don’t have a lot in common from a surface […]

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Julianne Moore

December 3 is Julianne Moore’s birthday. I don’t get Sagittarius vibes when I look at Julianne Moore, so I had a look at her natal chart to see what was going on in the sky on the day she was born. Moore has her natal moon in Gemini, and a Gemini rising sign (if I am to believe the time […]

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Lucy Liu

December 2 is Lucy Liu’s birthday. I adore Lucy Liu. I admit that I don’t really have much of an interest in her show “Elementary,” but I often watch it just to see what she’s wearing. I’m not sure if the actress herself has any input in what the wardrobe department chooses for her character, but if she does, good […]