Idina Menzel (source: The Schmooze)

May 30 is Adele Dazeem’s birthday.

Unfortunately, when I went looking for an online natal chart for the superstar, all I could find were links to Idina Menzel’s bio. I guess that they share the same date of birth.

Menzel has the chart of someone that I would expect to be a scene-stealer. Her moon is in Leo, and she has a very close conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in out-there Sagittarius. I wish that I had a time of birth for the Broadway veteran so that I could see where that conjunction is located in her chart.

But I don’t! I also don’t have a time of birth for the legendary Adele Dazeem. It would be interesting to know if these Gemini “twins” share anything else in common besides a birthday.

Adele, drop me a line if you stumble across this post. We need to talk . . .

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