Stephen Jones (source: Love Magazine)

May 31 is Stephen Jones’ birthday.

It doesn’t surprise me that Stephen Jones and Philip Treacy share the same zodiac sign. I often call Gemini “the accessories sign.” I encourage Gemini natives to use everything at their disposal to craft a signature style. That includes makeup. Of course, Pat McGrath — the most influential makeup artist in the world — is a Gemini, too.

I should really look into the zodiac signs of the world’s premiere jewelry designers to see if any of them are Gemini natives. The thing about jewelry is that it is often associated with stature as much as it is associated with fashion. I’m sure that many successful jewelry designers are working in a market that appeals to people who are looking for a way to invest rather than embellish. Nevertheless, the most-memorable jewelry collector of the previous century was a Gemini. Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, adored her accessories. She just happened to be rich enough to buy them at Cartier.

Anyway, a stylish Gemini native doesn’t need to be rich in order to look her best. She just needs to wear what she wears in a way that communicates her wide-eyed enthusiasm for fashion. Whether she’s wearing a Stephen Jones hat or something far less sophisticated, it is her youthful exuberance that makes her someone to watch.

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