Critics' Choice Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 11 Jan 2018
Angelina Jolie (source: WWD)

June 4 is Angelina Jolie’s birthday.

I’m not really sure how I feel about Angelina Jolie. One of the most interesting things about her is how she doesn’t let people into her life, so what we really know about her is quite limited. I wasn’t sure if should be attributing that to astrology or to something else, so I had a look at her natal chart.

The first thing that pops out is her Cancer rising sign. It’s a defensive, maternal position for the ascendant degree. Jolie also has an eleventh house sun. That position is proportionately weak. So, if she looks more like a Cancer in her black and white ensembles, that makes sense. If you’ve read my book, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

But there is more! The actress has Venus in Cancer nearly conjunct her ascendant from the twelfth house — not a surprise for a woman who is considered to be one of the most-beautiful stars in show business. She also has Jupiter almost conjunct her Aries midheaven from the ninth house.

This is the chart of someone who has lived a charmed life. In the past, I’ve thought that she was sort of aloof and lacking in personality. Now I’m looking at her as a product of the environment in which she was raised. She was lucky enough to be born privileged and beautiful, and that has certainly made her into the woman she is today. When I read stories about her “troubled youth,” my eyes roll back into my head.

But I do like her a little more after reading her Wikipedia bio and discovering that motherhood made her clean up her act. She’s been a pretty stand-up person since she adopted her first child, so I shouldn’t judge her for her behavior when she was a dumb kid. The problem is that I have Cancer prominently featured in my chart and that gives me a memory that won’t quit. I can’t forget what an idiot I thought she was when she was younger.

Oh well! I did plenty of idiotic things when I was a kid, too. Like Angelina Jolie, I’ve moved on, too. Our charts tell me that we’re a lot more alike than I previously believed, with prominent third, ninth and eleventh house placements. Also, I’m known for my legendary beauty.

See — astrology really works!

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