Kylie Minogue (source: Twitter)

May 28 is Kylie Minogue’s birthday.

Until just a moment ago, I had never looked up Kylie Minogue’s natal chart. If the birth time listed on is correct, she has Cancer for a rising sign. Other than that, she has a Gemini sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Wow!

I wish that I knew a little more about her personally. She seems to be quite lovely. All the Gemini natives that I have been friends with have been quite light in spirit, like Kylie Minogue. I’ve been looking at celebrity charts since my rant about horrible Geminis last week, trying to figure out what makes them tick. I’m still at a loss.

However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand Gemini natives. I’m very proud of the following passage from “Star Struck Style” because it describes Gemini individuals quite perfectly:

Because your sign is symbolized by a set of twins, many people make assumptions about your alleged dual nature: they believe that you have a good side and a bad side. However, I do not like to describe you that way because I envision you as the two sides of a coin that is spinning on its edge, moving so quickly that the images on either side seem to merge into one. I believe that you are simultaneously good and bad, and that no one has any idea which side of you they are facing at any given moment. While most individuals will attempt to present a positive image to the world, you do not even try to hide your duality. It is all there, all the time, for everyone to see. Although this attribute gives authenticity to your character, it can also be a little disarming for those of us who try to fake our way throughout the day behind a cumbersome veil of civility, manners and discretion.

I possess those qualities in spades, and perhaps that is why I have a difficult time with Gemini individuals who don’t put on a facade.

But what about Kylie Minogue? If Cancer is her rising sign, then she does wear a protective mask. Cancer is defensive by nature, and it adds a modicum of discretion to a chart that might otherwise result in a rather overbearing personality. Kylie Minogue seems to be anything but overbearing.

Anyway, I’m going to celebrate her birthday by checking to see if she’s got any new remixes available on iTunes. Nothing says “Happy Birthday” to one of your favorite celebrities better than putting another dollar in their pocket, right?

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