Kate Upton (source: E! Online)

June 10 is Kate Upton’s birthday.

Once again, I find myself looking at the natal chart of a celebrity with no birth time available. It’s wild speculation month here on “Star Struck Style.”

I have no idea where Kate Upton’s rising sign is, so there’s not a lot I can say about her. Unless she was born very late in the day, she has the moon in Libra. She also has Venus within a degree of her Gemini sun. That’s not a surprise for someone who makes a living out of being pretty. Just a few posts back, I mentioned the very fortunate placement of Venus in Angelina Jolie’s natal chart.

Upton also has Mars in Aries. I don’t find her to be very aggressive, so I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that she has a Libra rising. That would put Mars in the seventh house, weakening its placement, and it would put her sun, Mercury and Venus near the top of her chart. I could see her with a ninth house sun. It would be a fortuitous layout and she seems to live a rather charmed life.

Every now and then I revisit a post like this and discover that an accurate birth time has been included on Maybe Kate Upton’s chart will be updated someday. It would be fun to know if I’m right about her.

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