Alana Zimmer (source: The Fashion Spot)

June 9 is Alana Zimmer’s birthday.

Alana Zimmer has a very unusual horoscope. Half of the ten planets in her natal chart sit in an eighty degree area directly opposite the five other planets that sit in a sixty degree area, leaving two quadrants completely empty.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a birth time to figure out where the empty quadrants actually land once an ascendant is established.

When studying chart types, it’s valuable to look at things like buckets and bowls, well-populated hemispheres vs. empty hemispheres, etc. The chart type can allow you to make broad generalizations about an individual that speak to very specific character traits. Yet trying to use these chart interpretation techniques without an accurate time of birth is like taking a shot in the dark. Frankly, I’d rather choose an easier target.

I will say that Alana Zimmer probably doesn’t act much like many of the Gemini natives who bug the hell out of me. She has a Scorpio moon, Saturn opposite her natal sun within a one-minute orb, and Mars closely conjunct Mercury in Cancer. She’s probably a little more buttoned-down than most Gemini individuals, and maybe a little more intense.

Until she drops me a line to let me know what time she was born, that’s all I’m going to say. Call me, Alana . . .

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