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Donald & Kanye (source: Politico)

June 8 is Kanye West’s birthday.

I don’t really like Kanye West. I use him as an example of Gemini fickleness and inappropriateness all the time. On the bright side, however, he isn’t Donald Trump.

Trump is one of the other Gemini natives that I bring up as representative of the worst qualities of his sun sign. He just can’t shut up. He may be the least decorous person in the entire world.

Decorum is important to me; I have Libra as a rising sign. Even when I’m thinking something terrible, I usually have the sense to keep it to myself. I know that some people who know me in real life may say otherwise, but those people are idiots who don’t understand my sense of humor. Idiots!

Anyway, back to Kanye. Kanye has a Pisces moon, so I usually cut him a little slack that I don’t afford to many of his fellow Geminis. I see mental illness (or at least mental instability in his chart). I wouldn’t be surprised if his time of birth on was incorrect because just a couple of minutes difference would put his very close Jupiter/Neptune opposition in the twelfth/sixth house instead of the eleventh/fifth house. That would explain much of his less-sensible behavior.

I actually have a friend who had a friend who once worked closely with Kanye West, and the experience was described as being anything but ideal. I’ve questioned his judgment ever since because he seems quite delusional at times, just as his sun/moon combo would indicate.

I’m not a psychiatrist, but I know the difference between someone who claims that they are being “artistic” and someone who is clearly behaving in an irrational manner. Kanye seems unhinged to me. Unhinged, but not evil. I’ll save that designation for the other guy in the photo. His birthday is next week. Stay tuned.

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