Emily Ratajkowski (source: Page Six)

June 7 is Emily Ratajkowski’s birthday.

I didn’t even realize that Emily Ratajkowksi was in “Gone Girl” until just a moment ago when I read her bio. I really liked that movie, and I remember her character quite well. For some reason, though, I didn’t connect the dots between the actress from the film and the ubiquitous celebrity on social media.

She does have the chart of an attention whore. I don’t have a birth time for the actress, but I do know that she has both the sun and Mercury in Gemini, the moon in Aries, and Venus, Mars and Jupiter all in Leo. Mars, interestingly, opposes Saturn in Aquarius by about half a degree.

It’s an aggressive mix. If knew anything about Emily Ratajkowski I would probably claim that her chart is the reason that she needs to beat us over the head with her presence; there is nothing subtle about her. But I don’t know her rising sign, so I’ll just leave you all with this nonchalant photo of her walking her dog in her underpants.

I know, right?

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