Malgosia Bela (source: fashioneditorials.com)

June 6 is Malgosia Bela’s birthday.

I didn’t really know anything about Malgosia Bela’s personal life until just a moment ago. I found a recent interview the veteran model did with “InStyle” that let me learn a little more about her, but after reading that I still was not getting Gemini vibes.

No wonder! I looked up her natal chart and discovered so many interesting things, including Jupiter conjunct her sun by about a degree and a half (Jupiter in Gemini is a weird placement that I have in my own chart), Neptune opposite both Jupiter and the sun (parked on a degree right between the two), and a near-exact Venus/Mars conjunction at just a few minutes into Taurus.

Bela’s Mercury is also in Taurus. I consider that to be a steadying aspect for both Aries and Gemini natives. Individuals born under either of those signs with their natal Mercury in Taurus seem to annoy me far less than everyone else who shares those sun signs. It sort of shuts them up, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I don’t have a birth time for Malgosia Bela, but if I ever find one I’m going to revisit her chart. It’s the sort of thing that gets an astrologer excited because it’s so full of potential.

Call me, Malgosia . . .

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