Vintage Mars Travel Poster (source: Nerdist)

When I get out of bed tomorrow, both Mercury and the sun will have joined Venus in my ninth house.

The ninth house isn’t the easiest place for me to have a pile-up of planets. I get a little distracted by shiny objects during most ninth house transits. As one would expect, blind optimism replaces my normal sense of reserve. Venus does move into my practical tenth house in about a week from now, but the moon replaces it just in time to meet up with the sun.

What I need to do is to use this brief period to get “out there.” I don’t really have much of a plan, but like a Sagittarius native who has a special affinity with the ninth house, I shouldn’t let that stop me. Individuals with the ninth house highlighted in their charts are the sort of people who fall off a cliff while behaving recklessly only to have their fall cushioned by a pile of money. They stumble into fortune all the time.

So maybe it’s time for me to get out and explore my universe. I’m going to take some chances and spend a little less time close to home. Perhaps I’ll take up space travel. I hear Uranus is nice this time of year . . .

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