G7 Summit (source: The Guardian)

Mercury moves into Cancer tomorrow afternoon, setting the tone for the next couple of weeks. Change is in the air.

Something else is in the air, too. It’s the overpowering stench of Donald Trump (who also happens to be celebrating a birthday this week). It reeks like a big, orange pumpkin that has been left on the porch to rot long after Halloween.

Mercury in Gemini provides a venue for the sort of people who talk out of both sides of their mouths to be at their worst. It gives them the confidence to speak their minds, although their minds are typically a step or two behind their mouths. It allows Gemini natives in particular to become the fickle, superficial, two-faced stereotypes that have been used to describe members of their sign since the discipline of astrology was invented.

Mercury in Cancer, however, slows down the though process. Emotional outbursts may increase during this ingress, but only after individuals have reached a “breaking point.” The stream of consciousness gets dammed up when Mercury moves from Gemini to Cancer.

I am looking forward to a few weeks where people feel empowered to keep their stupid opinions to themselves. Why choose to make noise when one look can say everything you need to say? Why be a Gemini loudmouth like Donald Trump when you can be a stern Cancer like Angela Merkel whose nature is to put crybabies in their place?

Why indeed . . .

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