Alber Elbaz & Carine Roitfeld (source: Vogue)

June 12 is Alber Elbaz’s birthday.

I like Alber Elbaz. When he was designing for Lanvin, the label had a distinct point of view that made the womenswear stand out amongst its competitors. During its recent heyday, it was on the verge of becoming one of those heritage brands that would forever be inseparable from its modern creative director.

Now I don’t know what to think of it. Lanvin has been in flux because of its former owner and her inability to choose a coherent direction for the label. She sold the company earlier this year, and the new owner parted ways with Olivier Lapidus, the most-recent designer to front for the brand. In a way, the mismanagement of the Paris-based house has reminded me of the inability of Salvatore Ferragamo to choose a lane and stay in it. How many times can one company reinvent itself without becoming the next Ungaro?

I don’t have a time of birth for Alber Elbaz, but I can be sure that he has both a Gemini sun and a Gemini moon. For that reason, his Mercurial nature was always on display while he was at Lanvin. The best thing about his tenure was that he took one of fashion’s mustiest labels and dusted it off in a way that gave it broad-based appeal to young and old women alike. In “Star Struck Style,” I discuss Elbaz and Lanvin alongside another Mercurial character: Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.

Elbaz seems to be doing fine on his own. He is terminally delightful on Instagram — exactly what I would expect from someone with his sun/moon combination and Venus in Taurus.

See, I don’t think all Gemini natives are terrible people! Just most of them . . .

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