Joan Collins (source: Shane Marais)

May 23 is Joan Collins’ birthday.

After discussing a few Gemini villains, I suppose I should start talking about my Gemini heroes.

I follow a lot of people on Instagram, and I can honestly say that Joan Collins is one of the best celebrities to follow. She regularly posts old screenshots from “Dynasty” that remind us all that Alexis Carrington is one of the greatest villains in the history of television. Just the other day, Collins featured a photo of Alexis marrying Cecil Colby on his deathbed. Outside of “Days of Our Lives,” TV is never that campy or hilarious any more, and that’s a tragedy.

I might say a lot of things about the Gemini individuals that annoy me, but I won’t say that they don’t have a sense of humor. Even Donald Trump used to make me laugh occasionally before he began to believe what was coming out of his own mouth. Joan Collins still makes me laugh. Her fellow Gemini, Joan Rivers, made me laugh harder than anyone else in the world.

I had a look at Joan Collins’ natal chart to see if there was anything there that would correspond to lightness of spirit and a self-deprecating nature — the qualities that seem to separate the Gemini individuals I like from the ones who drive me crazy. What I found was a birth time on the hour: something that always makes me believe that the time of birth was estimated. Collins’ ascendant and midheaven are both within 10″ of a house cusp as a result, which means that an incorrect estimate of the time of birth by a couple of minutes would invalidate the house placements of the entire chart.

According to astrotheme.com, Collins has an Aries rising. I believe that would give her a personality that was a lot less likely to be self-deprecating. Instead of posting campy scenes from “Dynasty” on her Instagram account, Collins would be talking about the trails she blazed on television and equating her portrayal of Alexis Carrington to the greatest performances in the history of cinema.

For that reason, I believe that Collins probably has Pisces as a rising sign. That would endow her with a less-serious nature and the ability to look back at herself through rose-colored glasses without pomp and self-aggrandizement. It would fit well with the Joan Collins who delights me on Instagram practically every day.

It’s not really a stretch of the imagination to believe that her birth time is off a couple of minutes, is it?

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