Carmen Dell’Orefice (source: Facebook)

June 3 is Carmen Dell’Orefice’s birthday.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been asking “What makes a Gemini a Gemini?” While I still haven’t come to any conclusions, I have been noticing that the Gemini natives I admire have more planets outside of the sign that contains their natal sun than inside that sign.

Many of them also have very stabilizing planetary placements. Take Carmen Dell’Orefice, for example. The legendary fashion model not only has Mercury and Venus a couple of degrees from one another in Taurus, but also a close conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto in Cancer, and Saturn in Capricorn. Her chart is — for lack of a better word — “heavy.”

Geminis can be terribly flighty. A chart like Carmen Dell’Orefice’s is quite grounded, so the influence of her sun sign seems to be quite muted. I don’t have a birth time for the model, so I can’t make as many broad generalizations about her as I would like to make, but that rarely stops me.

Nevertheless, I am having an interesting time trying to figure out exactly what makes me either admire a Gemini native or run for the hills when I see them coming. There isn’t a lot of indifference when it comes to my relationships with Gemini individuals. It’s weird because I don’t have the same sort of relationship with any other sign.

So, if you’re one of the Gemini natives who has been questioning my “bias” on my social media accounts, please understand that I’m satisfying my own intellectual curiosity by examining my bias. I’m trying to understand what makes you bother me. This is only going to help us moving forward . . .

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