Pete Burns (source: ABC News)

I was just looking ahead to see what the next few weeks have in store for all of us when I noticed that the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in the first few days of March happens just before those two planets meet up with Chiron.

Venus is currently traveling swiftly, so its conjunctions with both Jupiter and Chiron will be brief. Jupiter, however, will linger overtop Chiron for about a week. In the meantime, the sun and Neptune will be in Pisces, Mercury will enter Pisces on March 2, followed by stable Saturn’s ingress into the same sign on March 7.

While the conjunctions in Aries can be interpreted as beneficial aspects, in my experience Venus and Jupiter join forces to give us the idea that good things come to us with little or no effort. Their transit through impulsive Aries and their proximity to Chiron makes me believe that the first week of March will be a terrible time for cosmetic surgery or other permanent beauty treatments that are performed in a doctor’s office.

The four planets in Pisces only strengthen my belief that people will be self-deluded about what medical procedures can do for them. Mistakes will be made — irreversible mistakes that will last a lifetime.

So, do yourself a favor and do not do anything to drastically change your appearance “on a whim” while the planets are lined up in a way that can affect your ability to make prudent decisions. For this brief period (at least until the day that Saturn enters the scene), the stars just aren’t on your side.

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