Mars makes a move into my ninth house this week. This post I published the last time this happened provides me with some well-needed guidance at a time when major changes to my chart will be occurring on a daily basis.

Star Struck Style

B822651006Z.1_20160810114155_000_GQL1NFM1I.1_GalleryMAGA Jesus (source: Hamilton Spectator)

Mars enters my ninth house tomorrow for a two-month stay. Just yesterday, progressed Mercury moved into my sixth house — an event I’ve been anticipating for months now.

I had a really good idea for a new book a while back, but I put it on hold because I thought that I could sort out the details of the project before I sat down at my keyboard and started hammering away. I was more concerned about structure than anything else. Curiously, when I prematurely pitched the idea to my old agent, the first thing she asked is how I would structure it. I knew that would be my challenge.

After sitting on the idea for a while, I have finally come up with a plan of where to go with my first sample chapter. I’m going to get to work on it this week…

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