MAGA Jesus (source: Hamilton Spectator)

Mars enters my ninth house tomorrow for a two-month stay. Just yesterday, progressed Mercury moved into my sixth house — an event I’ve been anticipating for months now.

I had a really good idea for a new book a while back, but I put it on hold because I thought that I could sort out the details of the project before I sat down at my keyboard and started hammering away. I was more concerned about structure than anything else. Curiously, when I prematurely pitched the idea to my old agent, the first thing she asked is how I would structure it. I knew that would be my challenge.

After sitting on the idea for a while, I have finally come up with a plan of where to go with my first sample chapter. I’m going to get to work on it this week. Astrologically, progressed Mercury in the sixth house should make me detail-oriented and even more articulate than before. This Mars transit through the part of my chart that rules over publishing should also be beneficial to my writing process. Perhaps I should give myself a goal of getting the preliminary parts of this project together before June 22 when Mars moves into my tenth house.

In the meantime, I ought to step away from Twitter, MSNBC and anything else that is distracting me. I spend far too much time wondering how Evangelical Christianity and the MAGA crowd has got America into the mess it is in today. I’m not even American! Nevertheless, American politics has been a constant distraction for me. I recently resolved to stop humoring the hypocrites who support Trump as if he is the second coming of Jesus and not the golden calf that they were warned about in the Bible. Today, my horoscope on astro.com let me know that my resolution was well-timed. Here’s what Robert Hand has to say about Mars’ transit through the ninth house:

This can be a time when you do more creative intellectual work than usual and attempt to convey your experience and view of the world to others. You will assert and defend the beliefs and ideas that you consider true and important wherever necessary. Obviously this is valuable if you have to influence other people and make an impression on them, but it can also be a danger if you try to beat people over the head with your opinions and ideas. The problem is to avoid identifying your ego with what you believe. When you identify your ego with your ideas, you really believe you are those ideas, and you will defend them as if they were literally your own body. What you can do now is put all of your energy into expanding your mind. Look for experiences that will open up new dimensions of reality.

Instinctively, I believe that I was on the right track without even reading this advice. Last week, someone tried to start a fight with me on Facebook, and I just unfriended the idiot. That’s all the time I’m going to give any of these assholes. I can’t expand my mind if I’m devoting too much real estate in my head to things that don’t really matter to me. I need to free up that space for “creative intellectual work.”

MAGA Jesus, this is your eviction notice . . .

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