Kristen Taekman (source: Bravo)

April 21 is Kristen Taekman’s birthday.

I liked Kristen Taekman on the “Real Housewives of New York,” but that’s rather faint praise because I almost always like Taurus natives. You have be really obnoxious — Teresa Giudice obnoxious — for me to not like you when you have Taurus as a sun sign. Something in the stars just makes me want to be your friend.

This isn’t about me, though! Kristen has a few interesting things in her natal chart. The moon and Jupiter in Gemini reveal a personality that might come off as superficial. However, there is an almost exact conjunction of the sun and Chiron in her chart. Over the course of a lifetime, that aspect will allow Kristen to acquire genuine depth. It is the mark of someone whose spiritual and intellectual growth could become the defining characteristic of her life.

In about nine years from now, this aspect will recur in almost the same spot. For a few months in early 2028, the potential exists for Kristen Taekman to become an entirely different person than the woman we saw on RHONY. Right now she’s posting Instagram photos of her outfits. Sometime in the future, I expect her to be doing something of actual consequence. The superficiality apparent in her chart (Venus in Aries; the aforementioned Gemini planets) are no match for the depth of the Chiron return. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not trying to dismiss fashion blogging as a frivolous pastime. I believe that almost everything about fashion is frivolous. That doesn’t make me like it any less. I just know that there are deeper subjects to discuss than what we wear every day.

I’d love to know exactly what time the former “Housewives” star was born to put this important point in her chart into the context of the houses. In fact, I’d love to know what time every star of the Bravo franchise was born. This category on my blog seems to be a big driver of web traffic to my site, so maybe these people I discuss will start getting back to me when I reach out to them regarding their horoscopes.

Are you listening, Kristen? I’d love to look deeper into your chart! Drop me a line . . .

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