Bull (source: Wikipedia)

This upcoming week is going to seem a lot different than the week before. After Mercury’s shift into Aries on Wednesday and yesterday’s full moon, the sun moved into Taurus this morning and Venus enters Aries in just moments from now. All this is happening while Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are virtually parked in the sky.

I don’t believe that people are going to really feel the shift as much as they are going to react differently to a new set of circumstances. Watch for people to lash out over the next four weeks. Individuals who have been pent up may suddenly and unexpectedly charge, much like the bulls that symbolize the sign of Taurus.

And what are you supposed to do when confronted by a reckless force of nature? Don’t get trampled by someone whose only priority is self-preservation. Defensiveness is going to be in the air. Complicity is going to be revealed. Truth will be told. Until the next big shift on May 15 when both Venus and Mars move into different signs, your likelihood of being overwhelmed by someone fleeing a bad situation is greatly increased.

So don’t just stand there! Get out of the way!

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