I’m still about six months away from these big changes, but I’ve got them on my mind after a long weekend filled distinguished by the sun and Venus’ oppositions to Chiron revealing some of my vulnerabilities.

Star Struck Style

Binoculars (source: svb.com)

Just a moment ago, I was looking ahead to see what sort of outer-planet transits will be occurring in my chart in the not-too-distant future. In a year from today, Neptune will enter my sixth house, followed by Chiron entering my seventh house just over a week later.

I’m not sure how profoundly the Neptune transit will affect me as the planet isn’t really personalized in my chart. I’ve had both Uranus and Pluto transits make a big difference in my life when those planets came in contact with the angles in my horoscope, but I haven’t noticed big changes when the planets have moved over the other house cusps. That makes sense astrologically because these slow-moving planets aren’t supposed to change things overnight. So when I started reading about Neptune’s influence on my sixth house, I found myself dismissing the interpretation as a minor nuisance…

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