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Just a moment ago, I was looking ahead to see what sort of outer-planet transits will be occurring in my chart in the not-too-distant future. In a year from today, Neptune will enter my sixth house, followed by Chiron entering my seventh house just over a week later.

I’m not sure how profoundly the Neptune transit will affect me as the planet isn’t really personalized in my chart. I’ve had both Uranus and Pluto transits make a big difference in my life when those planets came in contact with the angles in my horoscope, but I haven’t noticed big changes when the planets have moved over the other house cusps. That makes sense astrologically because these slow-moving planets aren’t supposed to change things overnight. So when I started reading about Neptune’s influence on my sixth house, I found myself dismissing the interpretation as a minor nuisance rather than embracing it as a major shift in the part of my chart that rules over things like routine and service to others. Some of the forecasts tell me that it’s likely I’ll become less reliant on sticking to routines. That wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Anyway, I do find myself more intrigued by the Chiron transit to my descendant. With my Libra rising sign, I can be too eager to please other people. I would be delighted to go through a learning process during this long-lasting transit through my Libra-ruled seventh house that would allow me to understand why it is so important to me to be viewed positively in the eyes of others. In an era of shamelessness, I’m definitely an outlier because I would be mortified if people looked at me the way they look at two-faced politicians and online personalities who are — for lack of a better term — full of shit.

To have both of these big shifts in my chart occurring so close together will be interesting. However, both Chiron and Neptune will experience retrograde phases shortly after these big moves. For that reason, I’m really not going to move into this new phase entirely until 2024. Still, knowing that changes are coming gives me time to prepare for them, and maybe even the opportunity to take a deeper look into everything else that will be going on in my chart at the same time. Sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees, and having Neptune in my sixth house probably won’t help me to solve that problem if I’m already focusing on the details.

Hmmm . . .

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    I’m still about six months away from these big changes, but I’ve got them on my mind after a long weekend filled distinguished by the sun and Venus’ oppositions to Chiron revealing some of my vulnerabilities.


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