Mariah Carey (source: Twitter)

Venus conjoins Neptune tomorrow in Pisces.

This is a nice aspect if you don’t have anything in particular to do. It should allow many of us to get lost in our daydreams or to go off on harmless flights of fancy.

However, there is a bit of a dark side to the meeting of these two planets. We can see what we want to see for a day or two. For some people, getting lost in a fantasy world is a distinct possibility. Beware of giving out the wrong signals to others, and avoid assigning meaning or motive to the insignificant behavior of others. Try your best to keep things from getting completely out-of-focus. You’re not Mariah Carey and this isn’t a music video where you’re pretending to be twenty-one again.

Now if you want to pretend that you’re Ol’ Dirty Bastard, that’s another story . . .

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