Yoga (source: Yoga International)

This morning, I was reminded what a bust Jupiter transiting my fifth house was. I really didn’t feel the influence of the transit in the way that I should have. Yes, a global pandemic did get in my way, but I also got in my own way. I didn’t do anything to feed my creative impulses when I had the opportunity to be creative. Other chart factors prevailed, especially the transits of Saturn and Pluto through my fourth house.

Nevertheless, I’m optimistic about Jupiter’s transit through my sixth house. I’m already feeling terrific; it’s as if I’m back to my pre-pandemic fitness level. Maybe this will be the year that I finally get to participate in a yoga instructor certification course. The last two classes in which I was enrolled were both cancelled due to COVID-19 lockdowns. One of those courses was going to be with Yoga International: the website linked above. I received a scholarship to take their 200-hour online training, and I had to withdraw from the course because I could not simultaneously receive the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy and enroll in “career training.” It was such a bummer!

Anyway, I’m eager to find another course to enroll in. The gym where I work will likely be offering a workshop this fall when I’ll be looking for things to do once the gardening season wraps up. That would put me on track to becoming a certified yoga instructor by the end of the year, just as Jupiter rejoins Chiron in Aries in my sixth house.

Astrologically, I couldn’t ask for a better place for those two planets to meet up while I’m setting this goal. Perhaps the old adage “third time lucky” will ring true this time and I’ll actually get to participate in the training. Seeing an expansion of my skill set in a health-related discipline as these two planets meet up around 14° Aries in 2023 makes perfect sense to me.

Where are Jupiter and Chiron going to meet in your chart? Do you have anything planned over the next year that might be affected by this uncommon alignment of planets? Let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media accounts.

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