Star Struck Style

3902840392_89439284Penelope Cruz (source: EW)

April 28 is Penelope Cruz’s birthday.

Here’s a photo of Penelope Cruz playing Donatella Versace in “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.” I watched the show and I was impressed by Cruz’s portrayal of Donatella, even though it should have been subtitled “The Andrew Cunanan Show.”

Anyway, I just looked up the charts of both Penelope Cruz and Donatella Versace. I often use Donatella as an example of typical Taurus self-indulgence gone too far. She tans too much. She smokes too much. She’s had too much work done on her face. She really is a Taurus through and through.

What took me by surprise is that both women have their Taurus sun joined by Mercury in Taurus in the first house. Versace, of course, has Taurus as her rising sign, and Cruz’s rising sign is just a little more than a degree from…

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