Gavin Newsom (source: NBC News)

October 10 is Gavin Newsom’s birthday.

I spend far too much time following American politics on Twitter. That’s why I actually bothered pulling up Gavin Newsom’s natal chart when I discovered that today is his birthday. I like the guy. He’s smart and charismatic. Also, Republicans hate him because he doesn’t put up with their bullshit, like the time they tried to remove him from his elected position as the Governor of California through a failed recall vote.

Anyway, I can see why I like him. He’s a Libra whose sun is about a degree away from my ascendant. He has a Capricorn moon that sits about a degree away from my natal sun. He has generational Virgo influences in his horoscope that are made even stronger because of their positions in his individual chart — just like me. I truly believe that we would get along well because we have so much in common astrologically.

What really fascinates me about his chart, though, is the fact that his natal Pluto is conjunct his ascendant from the first house with a mere 9″ orb. He has the power to transform the world around him, and it’s obvious that he’s chosen to use that power.

I’m going to make a prediction that he’ll be the President one day. That’s not really a stretch, politically speaking. He’s got the sort of record that would make him a shoo-in to become the Democratic Party nominee sometime in the future. But he’s also got the chart of someone who could win and should win. There is something about his first house Libra sun squaring his fourth house Capricorn moon by a single minute that makes me believe that he would never take the power given to him for granted. He might not show it at first glance, but this is someone who internalizes conflict and strives to prove his worth in an almost pathological manner. The way these two planets line up with his Virgo ascendant and the aforementioned Pluto conjunction makes him the ultimate public servant.

Now if I could just figure out what made him marry Kimberly Guilfoyle so many years ago . . .

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