Star Struck Style

138975771_betsey-johnson-zoom-7ac3d7f3-4d04-475c-8e33-021ea191a65aBetsey Johnson (source: Us Magazine)

August 10 is Betsey Johnson’s birthday.

Betsey Johnson has an unusual chart with her natal planets occupying only 115° of the zodiac. Lopsided charts aren’t so uncommon, but a bundle this tight isn’t something that you see every day.

Bundle charts can reveal a focused individual. What’s interesting is that some astrologers who study Karmic implications of birth charts consider a tightly-bundled chart to reveal a “young soul.” I guess I believe that interpretation when I look at the woman. She never grows old, if you know what I mean.

There have been very few American designers who have had the staying power of Betsey Johnson. Chalk that up to her Leonine vitality! I can’t be sure if she has a Leo moon because I don’t have her time of birth, but the odds are that she does. She also has Mercury and Pluto…

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