Donald Trump (source: ABC News)

The hits just keep on coming for Donald Trump. This might be the worst week of his life . . . so far.

Anyway, Venus enters Leo today. In a post that I’ve published a couple of times already, I wrote “Venus in Leo makes people want to be loved and admired. When they’re not being admired, they will often lash out at the individuals who don’t praise them when given the chance.” Now who comes to mind when you think of someone who “will often lash out” when they aren’t offered the praise they believe they deserve?

Nothing would please me more to see this treasonous shithead face the consequences of his actions. It’s glorious to see him slowly but surely getting what he deserves. Tonight’s full moon in Aquarius might shine even more light on his corruption. It occurs in his twelfth house, so don’t be surprised if a Friday evening news dump has him lashing out in the most irrational way imaginable. What’s more, the sun will conjoin his twelfth-house Mars next weekend. His anger is likely to get the best of him, and when he’s cornered he does remarkably stupid, self-incriminating things.

On the bright side, Venus in Leo might make the rest of us behave in more magnanimous manner. In the same post I linked above, I wrote “Leo is a gracious sign, too. Giving generously to others without expecting anything in return will fill the void in your soul. It might actually earn you the right sort of attention, too.”

Try to earn “the right sort of attention” over the next few weeks. Be nice to each other. When Venus is in Leo, if you expect nothing in return for good behavior, you won’t be disappointed.

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