Poor Me (source: imgflip.com)

Transiting Venus will oppose my natal Neptune today. This is the sort of annual aspect that can have an individual feeling victimized by the actions of others. I’m going to have to be careful at work this afternoon because I do have coworkers who can be exceptionally careless, and I can take their irresponsibility rather personally.

I’ve also got Mars and Chiron squaring my natal sun today. I could lash out in a defensive manner if someone did something to me that made me feel as if I needed to protect myself.

On the bright side, I’ve got a million other good things going on in my chart. The moon is in my sign all day, too, and the sun and Saturn are about to form a trine. I’m going to be a grown-up, stone-faced Capricorn and not allow myself to be bothered by things I can’t control.

This will all be over in a day or two . . .

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