Donald Trump (source: CNN)

I like to make predictions on this blog, and I’m not afraid to revisit them — even when I’m obliged to eat my own words. Anyway, I was looking through my previous posts from June 16 this morning and I discovered that I made an interesting prediction on this day in 2019. In a post titled “Forked Tongues,” I wrote that “Jupiter makes its second of three squares with Neptune in a few hours from now. Both planets are in the signs over which they rule, and Neptune is virtually parked in the sky at the moment, making this an especially powerful event. Anyone with planets situated in mutable signs around 18°43″ needs to be wary. Big lies will be sold. What’s worse, though, is that big lies will be bought.”

Speaking of big lies, on June 18, only two days after I offered this prediction, Donald Trump announced his campaign for reelection.

I might not have hit the nail on the head — it was anything but a clean strike — but I certainly delivered a blow when I mentioned that “big lies will be sold” and that “big lies would be bought.” It’s three years later and just look at where we are at.

I’m pretty good at this stuff!

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