Idiots (source: The New York Times)

Mars enters my seventh house today. Last time it was there, it parked itself in that part of my chart for months and months.

I wrote a few interesting things about that period of my life. Looking through my blog posts just a moment ago, one particular phrase stood out to me. Here is the passage that caught my eye:

“I don’t really fear a Mars transit through my seventh house because Mars’ influence is muted when it moves through that part of my chart. The planet isn’t personalized in my horoscope through sign or house placement, so I don’t have to pay special attention to it like I do with Venus’ transits. And when I say it’s moving through a part of my chart where its influence is weakened, I’m not exaggerating. I find that I am more aggressively diplomatic while the red planet is in my seventh house. It doesn’t make me combative whatsoever.”

I do hope that I can be “aggressively diplomatic” once again. I’ve got a few professional opportunities ahead of me this July that will involve building bridges between myself and people who may have power over my future career prospects. It’s a good time to keep my cool and to connect with others in a meaningful manner. I’m typically not an aggressive person, but I can be passive/aggressive. Having Libra for a rising sign makes that a distinct flaw in my character.

So, I’m going to resolve to be a peacekeeper for the next five weeks. Unlike the idiots in the photo above, I won’t just being doing it for show. The world is going to be a better place if I keep it together. This is all on me!

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