Star Struck Style

skynews-boris-johnson-tory-leadership-contest_4696493Boris Johnson (source: Sky News)

June 19 is Boris Johnson’s birthday.

I don’t really know much about Boris Johnson except that (A) he has recently received Donald Trump’s endorsement and (B) all of my friends in the UK hate his guts. I guess that I should not be surprised to discover that he was born when the sun was in Gemini. Not only that, but he also has a Gemini Mercury, Venus and Mars. I know, right?

Anyway, I’m tired of complaining about how many horrible Gemini natives there are in the world right now, hanging onto power by being complete assholes. I’m tired about writing about horrible Geminis individuals who can’t open their mouths without lying or contradicting something they just uttered in the same breath. I’m tired of trying to find likable Gemini stars to profile on this blog so that no one can accuse me of…

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