I was thinking about this again today because I still haven’t found out anything else about how to interpret stationary Venus in the natal chart. Does anyone know?

Star Struck Style

charlize-theron-attends-the-2020-vanity-fair-oscar-party-news-photo-1581334925Charlize Theron (source: Good Housekeeping)

Venus went retrograde about thirteen hours before I was born, making it essentially “stationary” in my natal chart.

I’ve never really investigated the significance of having a stationary planet in my natal chart because when I do poke around online to find something erudite to explain the phenomenon, I run into a hundred articles about the slow-moving planets and barely anything about the swift-moving planets. Having a planet like Venus in the horoscope within half-a-minute of the point where it has stationed isn’t very common. It happens once or twice a year for about a day because as soon as it stations, its retrograde motion begins.

I did come across an article that let me know that Charlize Theron has the same Venus position in her chart, being born just a few hours after the planet went retrograde. Unfortunately, the author of that article…

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