Charlize Theron (source: Good Housekeeping)

Venus went retrograde about thirteen hours before I was born, making it essentially “stationary” in my natal chart.

I’ve never really investigated the significance of having a stationary planet in my natal chart because when I do poke around online to find something erudite to explain the phenomenon, I run into a hundred articles about the slow-moving planets and barely anything about the swift-moving planets. Having a planet like Venus in the horoscope within half-a-minute of the point where it has stationed isn’t very common. It happens once or twice a year for about a day because as soon as it stations, its retrograde motion begins.

I did come across an article that let me know that Charlize Theron has the same Venus position in her chart, being born just a few hours after the planet went retrograde. Unfortunately, the author of that article went off on several tangents that really didn’t describe how a stationary Venus should be interpreted in the horoscope.

I had a look at her natal chart to see what I could see. Unlike my Venus, Theron’s is not personalized. I have Libra as a rising sign, making Venus my ruling planet. It’s also conjoined with Mars, and it forms some favorable minor aspects with other planets in my chart. Theron’s Venus, however, is within half-a-degree of her Part of Fortune. That’s an interesting aspect to see in the horoscope of someone who has become an icon in both film and fashion. So, while it’s not a personalized planet, it certainly has significance in her chart.

I wish that I could see something that the two of us had in common so that I could figure out what a stationary Venus has contributed to our characters — besides our good looks, I mean. If anyone out there has studied stationary inner planets in the natal chart and knows something I don’t, I’d be thrilled to hear from you. Drop me a line in the comments section or on one of my social media accounts.

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