On the cusp of Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to reblog this post from a couple of years ago. Curiously, I just left Twitter a moment ago where I defended the Placidus House system on another astrologer’s feed.

Star Struck Style

blog_our-predictions-for-farm-animals_122915_facebookCows (source: aspca.org)

I’m not the romantic type. I’m happily unattached, not particularly sentimental, and I honestly believe that “Love Actually” is the worst movie I’ve ever seen.

In my world, February 14th comes and goes with little or no fanfare. Besides the candy sales that follow the holiday, I really don’t get too excited by Valentine’s Day. But there is one thing that I should be celebrating.

I became a vegetarian around Valentine’s Day in 1985. I just looked at a calendar for that year to confirm the date itself and I discovered something interesting. I remember going to Calgary for the weekend with a couple of friends. The reason I know that it was near Valentine’s Day is because another friend had given me a giant, heart-shaped cookie that came in what looked like a pizza box. I remember eating it in the van on the way…

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