Futurama (source: SYFY)

I’ve got a lot of good things going on in my chart right now. I’m also still feeling like crap as I recover from shingles. The fatigue is something else!

The worst part about my current lack of energy is that it seems to be affecting my brain. I’m a little dimwitted at the moment. The timing couldn’t be worse because Mercury is about to station exactly one minute away from my natal Saturn.

A Mercury/Saturn conjunction isn’t really a bad thing. In fact, interpretations of the typically short-lived aspect can be quite positive. Take this passage from “Cafe Astrology” for example:

“Your ability to concentrate and focus is enhanced now. You could experience an increased need for solitude in order to think or work. Travel for business purposes is possible. Thinking in realistic and practical terms, and the need for tangible results for your efforts, are indicated. You might receive serious news or practical advice, or engage in an important conversation. This can mark the start of a new project that involves communications, such as writing, speaking, reporting, and so forth. Whether you have been organized in your work, or if the systems you have been using are effective, comes up for inspection.”

That all sounds terrific to me, especially considering the projects that I’m currently working on at my full-time job. But I’m reluctant to look at this upcoming week (when the Mercury station occurs) in a favorable light because I just feel so dim at the moment.

I illustrated this post with a picture from a “Futurama” episode. The reason I was thinking about that show was that I went looking around for it the other day while I was convalescing on the couch. I wouldn’t call “Futurama” mindless fun, but it certainly appeals to me at a moment when I feel as if my brain is hovering just outside of my body.

Maybe this will all change in a day or two. Some of my physical energy returned yesterday. Maybe my brain power will return, too — just in time to take advantage of this powerful planetary station. I can’t take feeling like this for much longer.

How do dimwitted people handle it? Let me know in the comments section . . .

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