The Tom Tom Club (source: Genius)

I published a post the other day entitled “Hard Lessons” where I discussed the sun’s conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius. I also alluded to Friday’s conjunction between Mercury and Pluto.

Since that day, I have seen American Republicans galore finally speaking out about Donald Trump. Something big has happened behind the scenes and they know it. It’s taken them five years to finally dump the worst Gemini to ever hold public office, but it’s happening. Or at least I believe it’s happening.

Curiously, the Gemini Premier of the province where I live in Canada is scrambling to not get dumped by his few remaining supporters. He held a press conference last night that will live in infamy as the low-point of his bottom-of-the-barrel tenure. He actually compared anti-vaxxers in my province to AIDS victims in the eighties because of the “discrimination” they are facing from people who actually give a shit about the society they live in.

Anyway, Mercury is going to make this retrograde pass over Pluto on Friday in Capricorn, reminding me of a line from the Tom Tom Club’s “Wordy Rappinghood” that goes “Words have always nearly hung me.” This is a Karmic position for these two planets that should see people figuratively strung-up for the words they have spoken.

Let’s hope so because nothing would make me happier than to see these two Gemini politicians answering for the garbage that has come out of their mouths.

C’mon, Karma!

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