The Grinch (source: Vox)

The sun opposes my natal moon this evening, as it does every year on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. It makes me grouchy and eager to get away from all you stupid fuckers and your phony Christmas cheer.

Ha! I thought about editing that sentence after I wrote it, but I feel how I feel. I can’t escape my cosmic destiny.

Anyway, I can live with my lack of holiday spirit, so I don’t need anyone trying to tell me that I don’t understand the “true meaning of Christmas.” Just leave me alone, already. I want a few days off from your bullshit, and this year I’m going to get it because I don’t have to go back to work until Monday. By then, this aspect will be out of orb and I won’t be such a Grinch.

In the meantime, piss off . . .

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