Sheep and Goat (source: Global Animal Partnership)

I had another frustrating day yesterday for a few reasons, but I can definitely pinpoint which one of those reasons frustrated me the most: the Libra natives in my life. 2021 is the year that their indolence, dithering and obliviousness drove me nuts.

I suppose that there was an astrological component to their annoyingness. Having several planets transiting their solar fifth house this past year emboldened them, making them believe that they were doing everything right. It made those perpetual people-pleasers believe that they were far more pleasing than they actually were.

Of course, I was also extremely sensitive to how bothersome they could be. I spent much of the year with Saturn moving back and forth over my natal Mars. Well, today my solar ruler makes its final conjunction with the red planet, and I couldn’t be happier to see this cycle coming to a swift end. In a week from now, I’ll be in a much different place astrologically, and maybe I’ll be less irritable around Libra natives.

I knew that this conjunction would be a prevailing theme in my life for a while now. The section that discusses long-term influences on my personal horoscope page has been displaying this astrological event at the top of the page all year long. This past March, I published a post discussing the “Cafe Astrology” prediction for the conjunction, but now I believe that this version on “Astrodienst” was a more-accurate prediction of how things worked out for me:

“This is often a time of enormous frustration, when you really feel as if you are beating your head against a wall. It can also be a time when you accomplish a great deal of hard work. Which it will be depends on how you handle the energy of this influence. Its basic meaning is ‘inhibited energy,’ but it can also be ‘disciplined energy’ if you don’t try to do too many things over too broad a spectrum.

On the negative side, this influence can produce feelings of intense irritability. The least little thing seems to set you off, and unfortunately you are often confronted with considerably more than ‘little things.’ People or circumstances seem to get in the way of whatever you try to do. At work your boss or employer may oppose your ideas without giving any real reasons. Or he may saddle you with so much work that you don’t have time to do anything else.

Sometimes you will get involved in the most acrimonious ego disputes with others. It may be tempting to chalk this up to some kind of plot against you, but that is probably not the case. It is more likely that — even with the best of intentions — you put out some energy that is threatening to others. They respond by trying to stop you. Even if you don’t mean to be threatening, you must try very hard not to make people feel threatened.

The problem with this period is that your energies are being curbed. You should take on only projects that are limited in scope but that require great exertion and concentrated effort within that scope. If you concentrate your efforts on relatively narrow objectives, you can make constructive use of this energy. But if you proceed with grandiose and far-reaching plans, you will probably encounter the worst effects of this influence.”

Anyway, I’m thrilled to be at the end of this cycle. By the time I return to a normal, post-holiday workweek in 2022, Saturn will have moved out of orb from this aspect and I won’t have to deal with the planets lining up in this manner for another three decades. And maybe I’ll start liking Libra natives again. I mean I don’t hate Aries individuals anymore, so anything can happen, right?

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