MGM Grand (source: YouTube)

I came across an Instagram post today from the MGM Grand that reminded me of how much I would love to be in Las Vegas right now. Just a moment later, I was scrolling through my old blog posts where I discussed the same thing. So, if I’ve been thinking about going to Vegas for Christmas for years now, why haven’t I ever planned a trip?

Yesterday, I resurrected my Las Vegas vacation savings account while Venus was hovering overtop Pluto. Venus rules over money and Pluto rules over the idea of resurrection. Was it a coincidence that this happened? I think not!

Anyway, I’m going to declare my intentions to the universe right now: I’m going to spend next Christmas in Las Vegas! Hopefully, there will be no reasons to stay at home by this time next year. I’d love to get away again, but this time with no pre-flight COVID testing and no mask mandates on either side of the border. I’m already excited about it!

It’s good to have a plan . . .

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